Coping with trauma

Not only was the war in their homeland traumatic, living in the Netherlands has been difficult for Burundians as well.  The complexities of life and especially the worry and concern about those left behind in Burundi cause feelings of fear and pain.  The realization that children in Burundi still live with the aftermath of war causes the Burundians living in the Netherlands to feel powerless .  Dealing with the traumas of war in their homeland and of adjusting to life in the Netherlands  is taboo for the Burundians and this taboo must be broken.

The BWPD organized two weekends of activities around the theme trauma.
The BWPD organized two weekends of activities around the theme trauma. During the first weekend the subject of trauma was explored. How can a trauma be recognized? What are the causes? What are the symptoms? How does the healing process work? What can you do yourself to recover? A group of 12 men and 12 women participated in this discussion.

kweekendUitvoerig is ingegaan op de valkuilen die daarbij kunnen voorkomen.
During the second weekend the group explored how to aid and support others. What are the pitfalls? How can you be involved without losing sight of yourself? How can a healthy distance be created without becoming disassociated? What is the role of culture in giving mutual help? How do you ensure that the relationship remains good between helper and the one who is helped? At the conclusion of the second weekend the first steps were taken to set up four regional networks for mutual assistance. The contact person within each network is available to answer questions. If you are interested, please Contact the BWPD.