Gromero Rotterdam

GROMERO is the title of the Rotterdam African Great Lakes Region Study.  The African Great Lakes Region is the area around the borders of Burundi, Rwanda, and DR Congo.  There are 1020 immigrants from Burundi, Rwanda, and DR Congo living in Rotterdam.

GROMERO is an internal study.  The study is a means to empowerment and a way to gain new insights and control of the present situation. The questions in the study were:
What is it like living in Rotterdam?
What problems are there?
How can these be solved?
What kind of support is needed?
Which talents and interests can be used?
A questionnaire was put together covering the areas of language, culture, work, the elderly and youth, the Dutch government agencies, health care, mental health care, and many other subjects.

The immigrants interviewed each other .

The findings of the study resulted in a series of proposals, such as:  A GROMERO cultural café, Courses and Training programs, excursions, developing talents, Individual support, a website and web TV, a film festival.

For example:  A bi-monthly GROMERO Cultural Café as a meeting place which also welcomes interested Dutch people.  At every meeting there would be a speaker to tell about an aspect of the Dutch system.  It would be a place for questions, information, and support. A place where action can be taken together.  
For example:  Many immigrants don’t know their city of Rotterdam very well.  Taking excursions together gives a feeling of solidarity with each other and with the city!

Do you have any tips?  The desire to help plan and organize? Let us know and Contact us!  The GROMERO team is constantly on the move and is open to everyone!