New Women's Network for Peace in the Great Lacs Area

The start of this network and the campaign took place on the 5th February
Paix Grands Lacs/Peace in the African Great Lakes Region  is a network of women’s groups whose members have migrated to the Netherlands from Burundi, the Congo, and Rwanda. Paix Grands Lacs - PGL – wants to encourage cooperation between the three countries and to work together on lasting peace in the African Great Lakes Region.This network is the follow up of the 'VN resolution Congres In Bujumbura in 2009, an initiative of the organisation MWPN - Multicultural Women Peacemakers Network - .
PGL would especially like to encourage the active participation of women at all levels of the peace and reconciliation process.
PGL  raises funds, trains lobbyists, supports migrant women’s activism, and includes in its activities development assistance organizations, peace organizations, and governments.
The role of women in war zones.
In addition, the women have started a campaign in the African Great Lakes Region. It is imperative that women and men become aware of the important role that women play in peace activism, reconciliation, and redevelopment. They spread their message via radio spots, posters, presentations and church sermons:  “There are only losers in war. Women, stand up for lasting peace.”
Working together.
Many  different migrant aid foundations work together within the Paix Grands Lacs – PGL- network. The work these groups do is important because migrants bridge the gap between the Netherlands and their countries of origin. Their approach is in keeping with the vision that a broad base of small-scale activism forms a powerful lobby which governments must take into consideration.
Resolution 1325 The network has made a conscious decision to support UN-resolution 1325, in which the UN Member States emphasize that women must play a larger part in the processes of peace and reconciliation. The Peace in the African Great Lakes Region network  calls upon women to offer their support. Men can help as well by supporting the initiative and by motivating women to join in.
Work towards peace in the African Great Lakes Region!
We are women from Burundi, the Congo, and Rwanda and we believe that the participation of women is essential for lasting peace.  Should you want to know more about our activities, please contact the women’s network Paix Grands Lacs - PGL:
Stephanie Mbanzendore, T.: 0031-627296315
Juliènne Doppenberg – Difukidi. T.: 0031-612049026
Florentine Mukasine